This year Woodland Craft Supplies has been supplying wonderful sharp tools to equally wonderful woodworkers for a glorious 32 years, with Matt at the helm for the last 15 of them.

To celebrate, we've treated ourselves to a shiny new website. This may come as a shock to many of you and we will all miss the old one, but after 15 years of solid service we thought it might have reached retirement age. So lets take a moment to celebrate some of its classic features: the vintage 1990s look, a payment system not without its challenges, photos being both too big and/or too small to see properly and of course the constant security flags from your browser.

We want to thank you all for persevering with us during those years of classic web design.

Hopefully this new site will be so sparkly and seamless that you're overjoyed but not overwhelmed. But, as this is a partnership of technology and Woodland Craft Supplies, there may be a few teething issues, so please get in touch if you come across any problems - we can sort them out with the next update!

Happy carving, and here's to another 32 years! - Matt, Woodland Craft Supplies