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Hultafors - Hultan Hatchet

Hultafors - Hultan Hatchet

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Hultafor’s classic trekking hatchet is the perfect outdoor companion, wether you are hiking in the wild or just need to work on the camp fire. The hatchet comes in handy for almost any task in the forest, but first and foremost for camp site work, such as collecting and processing fire wood and building shelter. Because of its versatility and light weight, Hultan has become a best seller.

The hatchet is hand forged and made from Swedish quality steel in the forge at Hults Bruk. The forging tradition goes as far back as 1697.

The hatchet is named after Hultan, the stream where the water for the water wheels was once taken. Take care of your hatchet and it will stay a faithful companion for many years to come. Thanks to the quality and craftsmanship of this axe, we offer you a full lifetime warranty on the axe head.

Comes with hickory shaft and leather axe mask.

An ideal alternative to the Gransfors Wildlife axe.

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