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Razor Edge - Combi Gouge Carving Kit

Razor Edge - Combi Gouge Carving Kit

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Ideal for people with experience with of carving who want a great selection of gouges in a single kit.

This blade based carving set includes :

1 X Walnut handle 3.75" long with a three way solid brass jaw chucking system (holds large and small blades as well as our interchangeable chisels and gouges).
3 x Large heavy duty blades of various profiles (made from high carbon tool steel double tempered & hardened to Rockwell 60 C-scale) - 1/2" wide x 3" long x .050" thick
6 x custom forged chisels:
* #7 sweep 5/16" long bent gouge
* 75 degree V 1/4"
* 60 degree V 1/8"
* #9 sweep straight shank gouge 1/4"
* Straight chisel 3/8"
* #2 Skew chisel 3/8"
* #9 sweep short bent gouge 1/4"
All packaged in a tool case that features a vinyl covered steel box with piano hinges and custom formed inserts to make sure all tools are a snug fit.

This kit will allow you to quickly change between the various blades depending on the task at hand.

All blades are razor sharp high carbon steel and ideal for numerous carving techniques.
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