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Sean Hellman - Sharpening Set

Sean Hellman - Sharpening Set

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Designed as a cheaper alternative to buying expensive and heavy fine bench stones, this set can easily be carried around with you.

The bench stone part is durable flat acrylic blocks, and the abrasive is micron graded self adhesive films which can easily be replaced when necessary. Each set comes with a spare set of films.

One of each block of

60 micron, 300 grit
22 micron, 800 grit
15 micron, 1200 grit
9 micron, 2500 grit
one anti slip mat

This set replaces the need for expensive fine water or diamond stones. Great to carry around in the field with you as it is very light. We use this set up in the workshop to sharpen the tools we make and use, we are impressed. The abrasives do wear and soon feel finer, they work just as well and carry on abrading for ages.
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