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Thomas Flinn - Two Man Crosscut Saw, 5ft

Thomas Flinn - Two Man Crosscut Saw, 5ft

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These saws are made to order - and thus will have an approx 2 week delivery time.

These large saws are used mostly in forestry work and the crosscutting of large logs. But in recent years, these have been bought by people aiming to cut their own fire wood and of course, fell and prepare timber for green wood working. They are a great alternative to chain saws in both a safety and environmental way and can be used by anyone! Get the family to help!

The teeth on the Two Man Cross Cut Saws work in a way that the teeth cut on the pull stroke on each side of the tooth and so actually cut in each pulling direction. The Two Man Cross Cut Saws come with two wooden handles. Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs from 4ft-8ft. This is the 5ft version.

Sizing advice: we recommend a saw length that is double the size of wood you are wanting to cut. This is to ensure that you can get enough stroke in your cutting.

Due to the length of these there may be a surcharge added to carriage if sending outside the UK and to the Scottish Highlands. Please contact me for more information if you are planning on ordering and shipping overseas.

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