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Whittlers Emergency Kit

Whittlers Emergency Kit

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The Whittlers Emergency Kit is made from water resistant heavy duty canvas & lovingly hand made in Derbyshire, UK.  Perfect for keeping with your whittling gear in case of accident.

Packed with the essential items we hope you won’t need during a days carving -

16 x the amazing Elastoplast long and flexible finger plasters - the absolute best plaster for getting you back in the game after a nick or cut 

1 x pack of skin closure strips

5 x wound cleansing wipes

1 x finger cot - great to keep you carving after a wound.  Roll, twist & roll this down your digit after dressing the wound and get straight back to your woody project

1 x medium wound dressing (probably going to need to get more help if you’re breaking this one out)

1 x tea bag.  Just in case!

Note - this is not to be carried in leu of a proper first aid kit!

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