Yoav Elkayam - Single End Grain Hollowing Tool

Yoav Elkayam - Single End Grain Hollowing Tool

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Turning hook for the pole lathe - choose either the "politician" hook or plunging tool - for end grain hollowing.

Made from Spring steel (EN47) these tools will come sharp and ready to use.

For hollowing end grain, Yoav has designed and now produces the "politician" hook and plunging tool.

The plunging tool, makes it's way in the vessel riding on the core, while creating a channel wide enough for the "politician" to fit in. Then the "politician" cleans the walls of the vessel, from the inside out. This is the most efficient way of removing material and getting a very clean surface on end grain, once you get the hang of it.

They are made based on his experience of turning and forging his own hooks for the last 7 years and made to the same standard as his own tools.

To shape the outside of end grain vessels, a set of tip up and tip down bowl hooks will be preferred.

These tools come sharp and ready to use, because of the tiny cutting edge and the very long "mileage" they do, they will need CONTINUOS sharpening and edge maintenance to keep them cutting nicely. Yoav recommends sharpening every 10-20 minutes of working!

A bad catch or dropping/knocking them on hard surfaces will likely cause damage or even break the tip. Be careful, and keep them in a sheath and sharp!

Shipped without a handle.

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